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BASIA BULAT - L'artista canadese pubblica oggi Fables, secondo brano estratto da THE GARDEN, in uscita il 25 febbraio

Basia Bulat
, la cantautrice di Montreal, tra le voci più interessanti della sua generazione, condivide oggi, 12 gennaio 2022, "Fables (The Garden Version)", il secondo singolo, arrangiato e orchestrato da Zou Zou Roubidoux, estratto dal suo prossimo album THE GARDEN, in uscita digitalmente il 25 febbraio e fisicamente il 25 marzo, tramite Secret City Records.
L'uscita della traccia è accompagnata dal video diretto dalla stessa Bulat che raggruppa filmati Hi 8 Camera della sua infanzia con filmati recentemente girati che ritraggono lei e sua figlia.

“This is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written because, as a folk singer, I have spent my adult life devoted to singing stories,” spiega Bulat. “Storytelling is how we understand who we are and where we come from - fables carry lessons from one generation to the next. But what do we do when part of the fable passed down to us is forgotten or mistaken? When we realize as adults that we may have been carrying on legacies that we didn’t intend or understand? Sometimes the stories we learned in childhood about ourselves and our  homes are remnants from a past that cannot answer the questions we have in the present. We can’t change or save anyone with the stories we’ve carried with us, but they remind us to be bold enough to meet one another in the moment we have now with truth and love.”.

Sul video, Bulat ha affermato: “I wrote ‘Fables’ as both an ode to childhood and to the more difficult truths of adulthood, so when I came across some lovely old footage my mother filmed during a snow day, I was inspired to sing back to that time and see what might happen if I filmed it. Millefiore Clarkes and I were lucky enough to catch the sunlight and calm the day after a huge blizzard came through on Prince Edward Island. It felt very emotional watching the footage back to back, across years and seasons, recreating what felt like a childhood fable I had forgotten about in a new era of my life.”

Basia in questo disco dona una seconda vita ad alcuni brani contenuti nei suoi precedenti cinque album in studio, con straordinari arrangiamenti per quartetto d'archi di Owen Pallett, Paul Frith e Zou Zou Robidoux.


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